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Although the conventional molar stainless steel crown provides the most predictability of long term success for posterior teeth that require full coverage, they provide little or no esthetics.

Many parents wish for their children to have a more natural look to their teeth and do not like the idea of having "tin cans" in their mouths. Even on molar teeth which are in the back of the mouth and are not easy to see.

White Stainless Steel Crowns, or more accurately described, as esthetic stainless steel crowns, are available.

There are several manufacters that produce these esthetic stainless steel crowns. They simply take a conventional stainless steel crown and coat it with material to give it a white, natural look. Here are some examples.

Posterior DUL, Full Coverage, Pedo 2 Shade

They are excellent restorations for esthetics but they long term wear success is difficult to predict. They can easily chip and become unsightly. When this happens they are difficult to repair. They are also very expensive to manufacture and placement is more difficult than conventional stainless steel crowns. More tooth structure must be removed and trauma to the gingiva during preparation is common. However, they are a great option when one wishes to have excellent esthetics.

Our office does provide esthetic stainless steel crowns. However, we do them chairside rather than order them from a manufacturer. Our procedure is we actually fit and cement a conventional stainless steel crown on the tooth in need of the restoration. Once in place, a window is cut in the front of the crown which extends from the gingiva just up to the chewing surface of the tooth. This window is then filled with white filling material (resin) and cured with a light. What results is a conventional stainless steel crown with a "resin window" that provides strength and great esthetics similar to this.

Posterior DUL, Full Coverage, Pedo 2 Shade

The major advantage of this procedure over the pre-manufactured ones is the preparation is essentially identical to placement of a conventional stainless steel crown. Less tooth structure needs to be removed and the gingival tissues are less traumatized. In addition, the white filling material has both mechanical and chemical retention to the tooth and long term wear success is more predictable. Also, a better color match can be made as several different shades of resin are available. The pre-manufactured ones generally come in one shade and may not be a close color match. The fee for the added placement of the white filling material is reasonable and many insurance companies will pay for a portion of the procedure.

If esthetics is of concern with posterior teeth, then a great option is the placement of a stainless steel crown with a resin window.

Here is an actual esthetic stainless steel crown that was performed in our office. The results were great and the patient and the parent were very happy with it.

After the stainless steel crown is seated a window is cut into the front up to the chewing surface of the tooth. The tooth being treated is in the middle.



Next the resin is placed into the window and light cured. The resin is held by both chemical and mechanical retention giving it excellent strength.


Once the resin is light cured and polished the restoration is complete. Notice here how the visible area is covered in resin as the remainder that is not visible still provides strength for chewing forces.


When the patient smiles the area covered by resin is seen and it does not appear to be a stainless steel crown, but rather a natural tooth. If the color match is just right, one would not even notice that there is a restoration present.


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